Nilesh Neel is a poet/writer/speaker/entrepreneur and activist with social ideology as well he is instrumental to associate and collaborate with Russian scientists architect and other high eminent scholars of Russia to strengthen the Indo-Russian relation by bringing disruptive technologies to India. He is recipient of Russian Kremlin Fond Award in 2013 Mr.Neel was awarded a public award - the Order of "National Glory" Simultaneously, an honorary Diploma was given to him to mark his personal contribution to the international cultural heritage. He is first Asian to honoured with "Order of national Glory" Kremlin Award for his Poetry book Life.

His first poetry book "Chubhan" is introduced by Padma Shri Dr.Bashir Badr, an eminent Urdu poet and has acknowledged Neel as "A new voice of real poetry" His Second Book "Life" is honored in Russia and launched by ICCR Mr. Neel being poet himself has a flair for the understanding of Urdu and Hindi poetry. Mr. Neel considers Bashir Badr as his prime mentor and has founded International Readers Society of Poet Bashir Badr IRSPBB and Chairman of Ghazal Maestro Jagjit Singh appreciated Mr. Neels work and was Brand Ambassador of "IRSPBB". He had volunteered to travel the world on world tour to assemble funds for "IRSPBB" to promote the vision and poetry to Urdu and Hindi Poetry lovers all over the world.
Jagjit Singh Interview with IRSPBB

Currently his new approach in life is bringing fourth modification of carbon Graphene HRCM nanotechnology for pure drinking water through water freedom revolution worldwide movement. Invention of Special Filter for India : HRCM Balti for rural India. He is a director founder of WFR. He understands the importance of water and the urgency of the situation and suggested creating an international social movement 'Water Freedom Revolution' for water awareness and water rights, the purpose is... "Clean water, Save water, Serve water". Soon the movement is starting from Goa as pure water programme with new HRCM drinking water technology innovated by Russian scientist academic V. I. Petrik.

Mr.Nilesh Neel is poet by heart and his wife Alpana Neel is academician scholar from Oxford Brookes and Western Michigan USA. They are young dedicated social commercial entrepreneur looking forward to bring together all the innovative technologies from diverse fields under one roof and formed Original 21st Century Discoveries to bring new technology and concept for the welfare of India

In the context of pure drinking water WFR for the people of India, comprising: pure drinking water and World's First Total Ecological building discovery Eco-Construction (The revolutionary system and envisages construction without bricks, cement, steel, coarse aggregate and heavy machineries) The Architecture of Noosphere .

Mr. Neel step towards bringing very unique internet approach Internet 2 and messenger. He is chief mentor of Actor messenger in India and Brand Ambassador for i2 Web Browser free internet for India.

He is the founder Chairman of "Griffin Nayza Eco-Construction a company to provide World's first total ecological building discovery by Russian Architect Mr.Vitaly Grebnev.

His forthcoming Poetry books are"Tum Aur Maen"and "khhat" (letter) in Hindi and Urdu and most important is The Life Time Work - Encyclopedia on greatest Urdu Poet Dr.Bashir Badr. He is also working on research book on Genetics: who we are and how we are different individually.

Life - A collection of Urdu and Hindi Poetry Original 21st Century Discoveries Water Freedom Revolution Internet 2 Actor messenger International Readers Society of Poet Bashir Badr Griffin-nayza